Inner Rhythm, Sept 28th, 2017

What Matters

In the midst of all the outer reflections and manifestations of realities around us and in our world… Perhaps as we breathe deeply into ourselves, and become more willing to feel all that’s here- because we are more resourced than we used to be, inside ourselves, because we have this movement, this avenue of creative expression where everything, where all colors are welcome to be unstuck, to be free, including all those colors that we tend to avoid- we will re-member what matters.

Will we

go within and 

restructure the foundation of our manifestations

on a personal level and 



Will we

feel our feelings and 

un-damn the rivers

of emotion 

of energy in motion. 

Our soul’s journey. 

Will we

Open our hearts

let love go

let love flow


all those dark places

loving ourselves 


personally, intimately



What worth is

the other option.

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