• Let your Dance begin when you leave somewhere to come Here.
  • Sign in with clarity and intention; I AM HERE.
  • Pause at the threshhold of the dance floor; in your own way, bless the space, set an intention, livicate your dance to someone  or some cause.
  • Stay IN the Dance… Full embodied conscious water drinking, stretching, witnessing, trips to the bathroom…
  • Feel Everything
  • Allow
  • Sweat Your Prayers.

And, I have these requests:

  • Arrive before 8:45pm
  • Please commit to EMBODIED expression; and let go of verbal communication for these 2 hours.
  • Please help keep this a ‘scent free’ environment, including, as much as possible, B.O. ( bathing before dancing can be a potent ritual for transformation)
  • Please power ‘OFF’ cell phones
  • No alcohol
  • Ages 14+