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What Matters

                  Inner Rhythm, Sept 28th, 2017 What Matters In the midst of all the outer reflections and manifestations of realities around us and in our world… Perhaps as we breathe deeply into ourselves, and become more willing to feel all that’s here- because we are more resourced than we used […]


  Inner Rhythm, Sept 14th, 2017 Connection We are hard wired for connection. How can attuning to our own inner rhythm feed connections in our lives?  In the dance, are we willing to connect with our inner selves, our practice, our community, and a greater creative force that moves us all? Inner Rhythm is hosted and Dj’d […]


 Inner Rhythm, Aug 17th, 2017                 What might we be carrying inside us that wants to be acknowledged, felt, explored, expressed, witnessed, perhaps just simply allowed, without judgement? What creative resource may be longing to be tapped, or liberated, within the feelings we might tend to deny or push away?