~ Hamid Martin

The Gift

Greetings beloved community. I am writing to send out a blessing for wellness in these darkest days as the light is returning.

We are living in unprecedented times – the age of Aquarius, grand conjunction, winter solstice, coming of the light – unprecedented times with ample opportunity. One opportunity I’m wanting to point to is the practice of generous curiosity. How do we ‘extend a hand’ in these times? How do we support healing for ourselves and those around us. How do we build bridges? One perspective I am practicing: “Tell me about you. Tell me about your experience.”

Saturn and Jupiter have been vying for the same space in the sky. I am told that they represent authority and freedom, respectively. What I am curious about is how we might embody the coming together of these energies in the midst of all that is going on in the world around us. How do we explore and ground into our own inner authority? How does this support our experience of freedom as we move in the world in this time? 


…And a gift from Chase Iron Eyes:

“We’re all on a path of spiritual liberation… We have to remember, right now, in this time, that we all descend from indigenous peoples… We all descend from a way… Try to create a little bit of sacred space… it’s on us, it’s a personal responsibility for us to liberate our spirits… the universe is waiting for us…” 


Inner Rhythm workshop, Ecstatic Dance Retreat, Big Island, Hawaii


“If we could express ourselves fully and authentically, with total freedom, what would that look like? On the dance floor, and in the daily dance?”