~ Hamid Martin

September 22, 2020

Fall Equinox, Honoring 10 Years


How are you?! In general and right now…?

This breath. This moment.

Oh my goodness, what a crazy time! Please let us remember our humanity, our dignity, and our sovereignty. Please let us remember that we are all in this together and to love ourselves and one another, including those with different opinions and beliefs.

10 years ago today, Inner rhythm began as a weekly practice here in Santa Cruz. While dance can be rooted in the foundation of allowing and surrender, it felt serendipitous and perfect that we began on the fall equinox. As nature reveals, a time for letting go. A time to let go of bracing and holding and efforting. She shows us a slowing down, and guides our gaze inward, into the darkness. Into the darkness where our Light lives.

My hope and my intention is that we will dance together again soon, surrounded by four walls, epic sound, and the energetic field and container that we create together – a safe and sacred container in which we are all needed and all of us valued. A container that welcomes us to be and express as fully as we are in every unfurling moment.

I’m curious, please write back and let me know. Would coming together and dancing indoors, feel appropriate for you at this time?

I’ve got shirts for you! T-shirts and feminine style tank tops. Until now, These have been printed up only once – seven years ago in Bali. The graphic has been refined and they are handprinted here in Santa Cruz by one of us! They are made of a super comfy and highly danceable cotton/synthetic combo. You can see some of the options in the image above. If you would like one or more, come see me and say hello. I will post up in the 418 parking lot at 8 PM wednesday, September 30 for at least half an hour. I will not be wearing a mask.
$30 suggested donation.

 Again, please do share.

Sending blessings out far and wide.


Inner Rhythm workshop, Ecstatic Dance Retreat, Big Island, Hawaii


“If we could express ourselves fully and authentically, with total freedom, what would that look like? On the dance floor, and in the daily dance?”